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“Robert Stevens provided excellent advice about the telecom needs of my organization (GlobalPittsburgh) and connected us with a skilled technician in his network. He worked to understand our needs and budget as a small non-profit, and tailored his advice accordingly. We just wish we had brought him in sooner. I highly recommend him.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Thomas Buell Jr.

“These guys came in and saved us thousands, even though we thought we were already getting good deals from our reps and they paid themselves out of the money they found!

An actual win-win” - Embassy Development

We have worked with Total Telecom for several years. Bob is always available and eager to help with any need we have had. He is knowledgeable and has many contacts in the Telecom field. We have relied on his expertise for advice on sourcing and procurement of land-line, internet, and wireless services. His follow-through is relentless with vendors, making sure we receive what was promised. We enjoy working with him.
David Heiner President Marshall Elevator Company

“I had the privilege to meet with Robert to discuss business and ways to help businesses improve their costs and business performance. Robert brought a lot of vision and expertise to the table and he really understands the importance of adding value to a business without adding more dollars to the expense column. In challenging economic times like we are in, Robert is the guy that will help your business save money while making your business more competitive all at the same time. I highly recommend you calling Robert today to see how he can help you.”

Jon Perry, Founder, Business Entrepreneur & Pittsburgh Real Estate Investor, American Dreamers Network

“Robert saved my company hard dollars and also consolidated paperwork to make my cell phone bill easier to understand.” July 1, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Mike Bonavita VP B&R Pools

“Bob's worked with some of our clients, and he's been a very significant advocate for them regarding their communications. He's exhibited diligence in regards to ensuring they are receiving the best services at the right price.”

Bob Faletti, Principal, Blue Archer

“Robert is well connected and a great pleasure to work with.”

Jian Yi, President - East Region, China Unicom (Americas)

“It's been a pleasure to work with Robert. He is insightful and has the expertise to give advice on various business practices. Robert isn't afraid to take risks for his business partners in order to provide a high quality product. I'm looking forward to doing business with Robert and his organization in the future.

Norman Tutino, Network & Telecom Specialist II, Pitt Ohio Express

“Robert is a thoughtful and innovative mover in the telecommunications space. He considers all the angles and makes a logical recommendation.”

Robert Haley, Director of Marketing, Compunetix

“I met Robert through LinkedIn. He helped me with some great advice about how I might find tenants for a telecom building I have in California. He demonstrated his sincere concern for my needs, and helped me with names, places and connections that I have found to be of great benefit. My experience with Robert has been both pleasant and profitable.


Joe Calcagno, Owner, Raintree Enterprises Inc.

“Bob Stevens is a very well networked, knowledgeable and trustworthy advocate on behalf of his clients. A true professional and a great pleasure to work with! I look forward to a long lasting relationship with Bob and his company and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for his services.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jonathan Ramaci CEO/Founder i-Cache

Hired Robert as a Business Consultant in 2009

“Robert is an excellent guy to work with, knows the market and the products out there, and does what he can to help out. He has been a great asset to Aleph.”

Moishe Vogel, Executive Director, Aleph Institute

“Robert is a very professional business Man that helped with our companies Telecom systems. We look forward to doing additional business with Robert and his company. We give him a A++ on his work and he was always available 24/7 to answer all of our questions. Please get ahold of Robert for any of your services.”

Nick Criado Range Resources

“Robert makes the difficult look easy. His impeccable professionalism, vast expertise, and dogged dedication to getting the job done right leads to an amazing ability to find the best solution! No matter the hurdles his clients face.”

Michael Lemm, CEO, FreedomFire Communications

“Robert is very knowledgeable on all voice and data business applications. He puts the needs of his customers and prospects first. I would be very concerned if I was competing against him in Southern California. I strongly recommend him as a consultant to business owners and managers.”

Dan Baldwin, Founder & Executive Director, Telecom Association, Inc

“Robert is a pleasure to work with. He has a can-do attitude and is always looking for opportunities with an open mind. Robert is quick to return calls, never misses a follow-up and goes out of his way to pass information and referrals to benefit those other than himself.”

David Kleber, Sales Manager, Salsgiver Telecom, Inc.

“Robert is an aggressive professional, who has a strong desire and passion to succeed.”

Jeff Yurchak, Branch Manager/Pittsburgh, MCI WorldCom
Managed Robert at WorldCom

“Robert commands a well rounded understanding of his products and suppliers and can be trusted to provide the customer with the right system. This also gives him the ability to provide superior customer service. I recommend Mr. Stevens for all telecom needs.”

David Bisignani, Software Developer, Delphi

“Robert has earned my vote for “hardest working man in telecom”. He always goes the extra mile for his colleagues, network partners and especially his clients. Any business interested in improving communications and/or reducing business expenses, should contact Robert. He is an expert at what he does.”

George Emmons, Partner, GTE Communications

"Our Clients and partners are the motivation to continue to strive for greater efficiencies and methodologies! I value each and every one of you and want to thank you for all of your support! Without you we would struggle to increase value and grow as we have!"

Thank you all!

Robert Stevens

President & CEO


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