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Total Telecom Consulting is a Bill Auditing, Consulting, Refund and Strategic Procurement firm located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Our employees have worked for telecom expense management firms, telecom service providers, internet service providers and wireless carriers. We have incorporated things that we like in these industries into our business model and left the Aggressive "In your Face Sales Pitch" Behind. 

"The teams Expert knowledge has grown into a Client Centered Business Solutions Organization that is Consistently Increasing Clients Cash Flow Through Innovative Expense Reduction Plans and Strategic Procurement"

Our Advisors have access to multiple service providers giving us an unbiased overview of whats available to your business. But we do not overlook the auditing perspective. Many organizations move services and overlook a huge opportunity to audit and collect refunds for incorrect historical billings with existing providers. 

Total Telecom Consulting has saved and collected up to 60% of their clients direct Telecom expenses utilizing our Telecom and utility bill / invoice Auditing and Expense Management platforms. Additional savings in soft dollars are realized through the reduction of administrative burdens. Total Telecom invests time and effort assuring your company is provisioned and being billed correctly. By acting as a liaison between you and your providers your internal staff is relieved of these burdens and services maintain a class leading optimization. 


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"On average, clients only proactively manage 67% of their wire line expenses and 57% of their wireless expense"

"12 percent to 20 percent of telecom charges are in error, and 85 percent of the errors are in the carriers favor"

"The cost of telecommunications now ranks in the top five expenses for most companies, up from number ten a decade ago."

Internal solutions always come up short, which is why states that

"…a typical company's lack of highly refined expertise, tools, and methodologies is largely the reason why

in-house return on investment for telecom expense management fails to match those of  Total Cost Containment™ 

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