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Cloud computing is fast evolving from a futuristic technology into a commercially viable alternative for companies in search of a cost-effective storage and server solution. In fact, Gartner Inc. predicts that by 2015, 95 percent of Fortune 1000 enterprises will pay for some cloud-computing service, while 30 percent of them will pay for cloud-computing infrastructure. 

1. Scalability: IT departments that anticipate an enormous uptick in user load need not scramble to secure additional hardware and software with cloud computing. Instead, an organization can add and subtract capacity as its network load dictates.

2. Easy Implementation: Without the need to purchase hardware, software lisences or implementation services, a company can get its cloud-computing arrangement off the ground in record time — and for a fraction of the cost of an on-premise solution.

3. Integration: Its much simpler to integrate voice, video and mobility with cloud based solutions. All of these serices can be access from your office, home, virtual workers ETC. The Video and unified messaging is critical as it increases internal communication and makes it more effective. Since you see who you are speaking with even if they are at another location the provides significant improvements in employee moral and effectiveness in competing tasks. 

4. Frees Up Internal Resources: By placing storage and server needs in the hands of an outsourcer, a company essentially shifts the burden placed on its in-house IT team to a third-party provider. The result: In-house IT departments can focus on business-critical tasks without having to incur additional costs in manpower and training.

5. Quality of Service: Network outages can send an IT department scrambling for answers. But in the case of cloud computing, it’s up to a company’s selected vendor to offer 24/7 customer support and an immediate response to emergency situations. That’s not to suggest that outages don’t occur. In February 2008,'s S3 cloud-computing service experienced a brief outage that affected a number of companies. 




With the rate technology changes and constant evolution of ways to deliver Data & Internet become more complex businesses have realized they either need to employ a full time expert to stay on top of the technology, or make use of industry expert data consultants on an outsourced basis.

Total Telecom Consulting supplies that much-needed expertise for all sizes and types of businesses seeking help with this decision. Contact us today and an expert will be able to present all your options and help you become a fully-informed buyer.

Data & Internet services today can be broken down into seven major categories: Wireless Data Cards, DSL/Cable Modems, T1/DS3Dedicated InternetPoint-to-Point circuitsEthernetFixed Wireless and MPLS. Often times a combination of the different services is necessary to properly supply a business with its primary and back up Data & Internet services requirements. 

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